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FCI - РКФ питомник кане корсо

About Cane Corso

Cane Corso is wise, intelligent and steady dog. Grown-up Cane Corso, knowing about its strength, is calm and self-confident, full of self-esteem and intelligence. Cane Corso actions seem to be thoughtful and prove its nobility.

Cane Corso totally devoted to his master. For its strong appearance hides infinite tenderness and loyalty to its family. During an emergency it would defend to the last its family and owners property in spite of everything.

Cane Corso is one of the best guard dog breeds in the world. It is one of the oldest members of the group Molosser, also this breed called Italian Mastiff. The first mention of the Cane Corso appeared in ancient times. In written sources, this breed has been mentioned since 1238. During the Roman Empire, Italian Cane Corso were in demand in gladiatorial combat, used for protection and hunting of large wild animals. Today they are called "dog-bodyguard".

Cane Corso combines strength, power and striking individuality. This is quite a powerful dog with strong bone and muscle relief, while a very graceful and dynamic. Today the breed Cane Corso enjoys great respect of best dog trainers around the world. There is an active export of dogs from Italy, where they are used for police work, security of offices, luxury bars and restaurants, jewelry stores, expensive shops, private houses and apartments. At home, it is an elegant panther, at the service - an angry lion. Russian breeding of Cane Corso has reached great heights - at now Russian Cane Corso already wins at the historic home of the breed.

Best character traits that were characteristic of the breed in ancient times, especially prized in our days. One of the most attractive features of this dog is a strong attachment to home and family. Obtaining a dog we first of all choose intelligent and noble creature, but not an article of prestige, so we are interested in the character of Cane Corso, features of its behavior and ability to get alone with folks, kids and pets.

Dog's powerful appearance - this is not the only advantage of this wonderful breed. Experts and fans appreciate its working qualities. Cane Corso is a perfect bodyguard and caretaker. Dog feels its territory and its borders very well. Corso never give way to danger. It is able to think, assess the situation, catch the idea of owner on the fly, and take independent decisions, if necessary. Any responsible person is able to cope with the education and training of Cane Corso. A dog has a great nervous system, balanced mind, a great ability to learn.

Each breeder is always afraid of one that the dog does not become unhealthy ambitions owner satisfaction. People are different…

Cane Corso history can't be called usual. Despite of thousands of its existence this breed is rather young and just begins to get its lost and well-deserved recognition. There were times when the breed was on the verge of extinction. By the 70-th of our century Cane Corso had been preserved in singles in the far districts of southern Italy. Owing to local enthusiasts and devoted fanciers, the breed became intensively reappear. In 1973 by joint efforts, on convincing some authoritative scientists "Società Amatori Cane Corso" (SACC) was established. Dr. Antonio Morsiani produced a detailed breed standard, accepted by the National Association of Italian cynologists in 1984 as a temporary standard. Besides in 1984 the first show of dogs bred in Mantz was held. In 1988 at the exhibition in Italy there were 50 dogs presented for the first time. Over 500 dogs corresponding to the chosen standard were registered in 1992. In January of 1994 Cane Corso breed was officially recognized by Italial Kennel Club. On October 12, 1996 Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) registered CANE CORSO breed under the number 343.

Cane Corso Italiano is one of the most ancient representatives of molosser-type. One glance at pedigreed dog is enough to understand that this breed appeared not yesterday. According to the remained evidences from the Renaissance Cane Corso due to their abilities and fearlessness in the fights with wild animals became the object of attention of artists and sculptors. Cane Corsos took part in military campaigns: on the back and chest they had iron armor and containers with tar, which were set fire. Dog-carriers of fire were sent to the hostile cavalry. Successful pedigree work of any breeder depends on the knowledge of all historical stages of a breed. By present working characteristics of Cane Corso has been improved; and outstanding personality intrinsic to this breed has been remained. The strength and might of this dog are worthy of respect. Cane Corso can be used as a working dog, therefore the accent in breeding is set on the strict observance of breed standards. It means that it doesn't have any damp, friability, roughness and heaviness (slobbers, dropped red eyelids, excessive riffles).


This breed is oriented to the protection and security. The dogs are strong, enduring and very intelligent. They can distinguish a threat from game and will never leave its owners. Cane Corso adore kids. They let them any pranks andtricks well realizing their own strength and might. In the thick of a game such a giant will never drop a child, it is not literally breathing guarding a baby and letting itself make any jerk. They love its family. It is the meaning of their life.

Purchasing a puppy, one can collide with the greed of people, spoiling the breed with wrong pedigree usage, breeding for money. In order to find a puppy of corresponding quality it is necessary to reject the dogs of many clubs and kennels.

Breed mission

From the second half of XX century Cane Corsos became police dogs in Europe. It has excellent health and wide physical abilities for search, arrest and guarding. This dog possesses outstanding working characteristics. Even-tempered psyche and ability to quick training distinguish Cane Corso from other guard dogs. Natural enduring, infectious diseases resistance, ability to quickly adapt to any conditions allow using Cane Corso even in hunting for big animals. It is an ideal home dog. Its cleanliness and absence of smell let keeping this dog both in the country cottage and in city apartment. Just one thing: it is not winter outside keeping because of the absence of thick coat. Cane Corso easily reaches understanding with other your home pets. It will fittingly join their troop. For small kids it will be the best nurse and tutor, reliable and attentive friend. With its natural power and quick wit Cane Corso can keep you company in a walking tour, fishing and other kinds of rest. Having steady temper, it won't give any troubles or demand additional attention. You can use this dog as a companion in some kinds of sport (swimming, skiing, running, etc.).

Brief standard

This dog is rather large, athletic, powerful, very elegant, with pronounced relief muscular system, strong bones and good slender extremities, smooth corners. Main proportions: extended format, body length exceeds its height (body length is 1/4 more than the height at the shoulder). Height at the shoulder: 64-68 cm. Female dogs: 60-64 cm. Allowable variation is +/-2 cm to any side, big variation is a serious defect. A head is of typical molosser-type with pronounced superciliary arches. The scull is flat, square and very broad. It has deep «stop» (nasal bridge). Muzzle is noticeably shorter than the skull. Muzzle shortening leads to the tendency of teeth formula shortening, problems with breathing and heart. Parallelism of the forehead and muzzle lines is a serious disadvantage. Jaws are massive, very strong, undershot bite. Level bite – «claw» is possible. Eyes are as dark as possible, ovoid, directly and broadly set, with closely fitting eyelids. Look is intelligent and attentive. Ears are high-set. Nice and strong neck makes the dog look proud and grand. Withers are pronounced, higher than croup. Back is straight, very muscular and flexible. Loin is short and strong. Croup is long and wide. Slightly inclined. Tail is set fairly high. Strong and thick at the root. Coat is short, thick and very dense, rather waterproof and with a light undercoat. Traditional coats: black, brindle, different shades of grey and fawn with dark mask, white marks of the chest, possibly on the paws and muzzle. Cane Corso has an outstanding dynamics and plastics. It strides and moves with the extended trot. Preferable pace is trot. Constant ambling is a serious defect. Cane Corso has enviable health. They are not allergic, unpretentious in food and able to quick adaptation.