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Cane corso kennel
«Bohema Blaze»
offers puppies. Here you
can get a puppy with high
exhibition potential and
the reliable friend

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Cane corso – a dog of your dream

We are glad you to welcome on a site of professional kennel «Bohema Blaze» which is engaged in cultivation of dogs of breed cane corso. The cynological kennel «Bohema Blaze» is registered in system RKF- FCI.

To see cane corso and it is necessary to fall in love, in my opinion. And if to you the happiness drops out to communicate to this dog, you will be absolutely fascinated by this animal. Cane corso – not a simply pet, it is a partner, the friend, which for you both in fire, and in water literally these words.

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More devoted to the owner and the family dogs I can't present. At you never will arise sensation of fear for itself, especially, for children, if nearby cane corso. Devotion of these dogs is simply legendary. Having studied breed history cane corso, you appreciate them. In external shape of this dog there is nothing superfluous, it is very harmonious. Force and grace are combined in cane corso unusually. Modern cane corso bears in itself lines of the far ancestors and their functionality.

Our professional cane corso kennel «Bohema Blaze» is a friendly staff of people enamoured of breed. Never your questions remain without the answer. We accompany our pets always – from a kennel threshold to exhibition and sports pedestals. Our handler adequately will show your dog at exhibitions of any rank. There is no large exhibition on which our dogs wouldn't occupy prize-winning places, including the World Cups and Europe. We deservedly are proud of the dogs!

All puppies of our kennel are on sale under the Contract in which all obligations of both parties are registered. An indispensable part of the Contract is the point on obligatory systematic visit of nursery in the course of active growth of a puppy. The system of remote display of a puppy is developed for the nonresident. We supervise and we help to raise a dog, making use of all our knowledge and experience. As we provide your pet with sterns, professional medical consultations, we select training platforms, we prepare for exhibitions, we organize professional photo shoots. Only the best representatives of breed participate in cultivation. The price for a puppy corresponds to its pedigree data. All puppies of nursery are on sale only after hip joint testing, with vaccination on age. Also in the presence of new owners the chip (the official license) is established.

On pages of a site of Bohema Blaze kennel you can get acquainted with our dogs and their achievements, and at a forum to communicate to their owners. Cane corso is a dog of dream! We wish that your dream would appear nearby!

If you decided to get a puppy of cane corso, I recommend to you to familiarize with my article «Councils that who decided to buy a puppy of cane corso».

We wish you Good Luck!

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Щенки кане корсо.

В нашем питомнике кане корсо Богема Блейз ( CaneCorsokennek«BohemaBlaze» ) не бывает много щенков. Мы очень ответственно относимся к нашим питомцам и их владельцам. Так что мы не гонимся за количеством, а качество нашей работы подтверждают крупные Российские выствки и Чемпионаты Европы и Мира !

Каждый щенок, рождённый в нашем питомнике – это индивидуальность и наша задача выбрать ему именно его семью .

Наш питомник оказывает всевозможную профессиональную поддержку владельцам нашего щенка кане корсо. Мы подкладываем им соломку везде где только можно . Корм и витамины для выращивания щенка кане корсо владельцы получают с большими скидками, раз в месяц владелец питомника рад встрече с вами – осмотрит щенка, даст необходимые рекомендации по выращиванию и кормлению. Так же учитывая особенности развития Вашего щенка кане корсо, владелец питомника подберёт и расскажет, какие физические нагрузки допустимы, а какие нет для Вашего питомца.

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Все щенки кане корсо уезжают из нашего питомника с прививками по возрасту, с чистыми купированными ушками и хвостиком (по желанию) , в чудесном расположении духа и отснятыми ЗК.

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